Examples of Course Contents

  • How to find what you truly want in life

  • How to set ambitious goals that take less time to complete

  • How to use Petero's Rule to plan and make your goals take x10 less to complete

  • The importance of finding the best time of the day to become far more productive at doing certain tasks

  • How to easily and chillingly go pass any setbacks and even take lots of advantages from them

  • The tremendous value of your ideas and how to fully capture all of them

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Overview
  • 2

    Finding Your Life Purpose

    • What is life purpose?
    • Setting a Good Life Purpose
    • Writing Your Life Purpose Down
  • 3

    Setting Goals

    • How to Set Goals
    • Characteristics of Effective Goals
    • Writing Your Goals Down
  • 4

    Planning Your Goals

    • Types of Goals
    • Planning the FIrst Type of Goals
    • Planning the Second Type of Goals
    • 80/20 Rule
    • Variations of 80/20 Rule
    • Being Creative
    • Asking for Help
    • Base Your Plan on Other People's
    • Set an Estimated TIme for Each Task
    • Make the Estimated Time as Short as Possible
    • Planning Only First Few Actions
  • 5

    Blocking Time for Actions

    • Blocking Time for Actions
    • Avoid Multitasking
    • Avoid Task Switching
    • Combining Tasks
    • Productivity During Different Time of a Day
    • Blocking at Appropriate Time
    • Flexibility in Time Blocking


I am highly interested in productivity and personal success. I have spent years studying and informally researching on this area. I know a various techniques people from as early as the early 20th century have used and tested for making themselves successful and productive. I am also working on my book on Success.


“This course contains so many detailed information that I find very helpful. It really has everything you need to know for success. I would definitely recommend.”



  • What is taking this course like?

    The course is divided into five chapters. Each chapter contains about 3-11 lessons. In each of the lessons, you watch a video and if you have any questions, you can reach out to me.